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Hillcrest Cemetery/Clearfield Cemetery Company
404 Cemetery Rd.
Clearfield, PA 16830
located in Clearfield Borough
Click Here to Email the Caretaker. Put 'Hillcrest Cemetery' in subject line.
Or you may call 814-765-4246 and leave a message and the Caretaker will get back to you when he has time.

Office Hours are by appointment only. Office is closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
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The Clearfield Cemetery Company is a non-profit 501(c)13 corporation that only owns Hillcrest Cemetery. Clearfield Cemetery Company is not an association of cemeteries in Clearfield. If you would like to volunteer or make a contribution, you can call the caretaker or email him using the link above. Grave spaces are still available. Email or call the caretaker for current prices or to make an appointment. If you plan on visiting and require assistance then you should make an appointment. Thank You.

New Ongoing Artificial Flower Policy Started in April 2006:
We permit and encourage in-ground, live flower planting, as well as live flower arrangements in suitable, unbreakable (non-glass or ceramic) containers placed at the front of monuments. For the safety of our employees, artificial flowers, crosses and decorations will only be permitted if they are placed on the monuments or in a border in front of the monument. Thank you for your cooperation. Ask the caretaker if you have any questions. Any items that do not meet this criteria will be removed. This policy was advertised May 2006 in the Progress under the 'Public Notices' section and there are also signs throughout the cemetery detailing this policy.

Follow East Market Street from Downtown Clearfield until there is a Y in the road near the old Leonard Grade School. Bear left onto Cemetery Road, continue 1/4 of a mile up the road. Hillcrest is located on the left at the crest of the hill (hence the name 'Hillcrest'). Old Clearfield Cemetery is on the right side as you come up Cemetery Road, across from the caretaker's green-shingled house and Hillcrest South is located on the lower right of the road. Hillcrest South is where the Grice mausoleum is located.
Please note that we do not own nor do we have records for the old cemetery aka Clearfield Cemetery or Old Hillcrest across the street from Hillcrest cemetery on Cemetery Rd, and it is an abandoned cemetery that is currently maintained by Clearfield County.

Clearfield County Historical Society Homepage
Cuetara-Hile Memorial Center
Clearfield County Government

Hillcrest Cemetery Vandalism Report Update: Sometime between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning July 13-14, 2004 three teenagers aged 14, 15, and 15 toppled 114 monuments. The three boys were found guilty and were ordered to pay restitution after they pay their normal fines and costs. The cemetery is not legally obligated nor is it liable for these damages. Your Homeowner's Insurance should cover any expense to have the monuments re-set. We have reset most of the stones ourselves but a few of them will have to be set by a monument company. Some of the monuments we reset will need to be resealed by a monument company or you can do it yourself using silicon weather-resistant caulking. If you've had any eternal candles damaged or stolen please report it to the Clearfield Borough Police 765-7819.

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